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Mory Brenner practiced law for many years primarily representing debtors and helping them to retain their homes and avoid bankruptcy. Over the past several years a large portion of his work has centered around the area of debtor workouts implementing his philosophy, that most debt can be dealt with outside of bankruptcy court. To this end he employed many techniques and became familiar with many situations involving both secured and unsecured debt. Highlights of his achievements in this area include: allowing a client to retain her home regardless of not paying the first mortgagee in over three years, negotiating a fully secured first mortgage position to be settled for four cents on the dollar, and reducing a clients deficiency to less than fifty cents on the dollar despite an almost seven figure net worth (while allowing them to keep the property at a reduced principal balance on a non-recourse basis). He negotiated with anyone, even the IRS and saved people's homes, even after a foreclosure sale.

Lawyers and non-lawyers often claim to offer similar services, Mr Brenner's advantage stems from several key areas. His perspective on situations evolved from exposure to every side of the negotiating table. As a lawyer or debt consultant he represented a wide variety of clients, both debtor and creditor. He personally had been a client, mortgagor, mortgagee, creditor, and debtor (having worked out over five million dollars of his own debt). No matter who he negotiated with chances are he had been in their shoes and understand their positions. Through these variety of cases he traveled down a myriad of different paths to reach resolutions. Most instances end in an out of court workout whether simple, or creative and complicated. If court became needed he dealt with both standard civil suits and bankruptcy. Experience and intelligence in this venue play a key role (his academic credentials include degrees from Carnegie-Mellon University, Cardozo School of Law, studies at Oxford University, and an extensive artificial intelligence project with Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon). There exist many types of debt and even many sub categories, different kinds of mortgages, for example. Each may have it's own rules. You can not win the game if you do not know the rules - it's that simple.

In the year 2000 Mr. Brenner began moving from the full time practice of law to concentrating on legal writing for public education and working with the providers businesses serving consumers with debt as Financial Firebird Corporation's Vice President. Financial Firebird Corporation provides unbiased consumer information, software and marketing services for the mortgage, debt, auto lending and other financial or real estate related industries. Starting with the Bankruptcy Alternatives and Debtor Links sites in 1996 they have placed quality information and products in front of the bottom line. Their free articles and forms stress what works best for the consumer, not anyone else. They only offer our viewers items pre-screened to keep out predatory vendors. Their credit card offer site omits sites with high and hidden fees, mortgage forms work with those they have good experience with and mortgage directory editors include only appropriate sites. They develop interactive forms where consumers can recieve instant free help for their own issues including personal budgets and foreclosure prevention or informational sites where they can read about buying a new home, car, foreclosure and personal debt. In addition to authoring numerous web sites, Mr. Brenner helped write the books Money Savvy, 24 Hour Guide to Personal Finance, many magazine articles and has been featured on national television.

When your only options may seem to be bankruptcy or loss of your property - rarely does that fear turn out to be true. You owe it to yourself and your family not to give up without exploring every option and obtaining the best information and representation you can find. Mr. Brenner provides that information and can help connect you with professional to help guide you through the tasks needed to rebuild your financal health. He hopes everyone enjoys both his educational sites and business services.

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