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Reasons Foreclosure Can Be More Devastating
Than A Fire or Natural Disaster

  1. No insurance proceeds are available for help.
  2. Rebuilding in the same location can be even harder.
  3. Newspaper reports evoke shame rather than sympathy.
  4. The community will not rally behind the vitctims to lend a hand.
  5. Fewer charitable organizations will offer help.
  6. Any personal funds saved for disasters have likely been exhausted.
  7. Potential aid from friends and family may have already been drained.
  8. Support groups of other victims usually develop after a natural disaster.
  9. A record of what happened (your credit report) will continue to effect you for many years, limiting not only your ability to buy another house but other items such as cars, computers etc. as well.
  10. Couples finger pointing at each other may lead to marital problems.
  11. People blame themselves for a foreclosure.
  12. A foreclosure may take months from start to finish leaving the debtor to endure the long torturous process in anticipation of the final sale and ultimately an eviction.

As cruel as a foreclosure can be never forget one of the reasons a fire or natural disaster is worse. No one will be killed by a foreclosure. Your family and your family's health outwiegh the importance of material possesions every time.
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