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Home and personal budgeting problems may seem innocent enough, but a poor budget or cash flow allocation can quickly lead to very serious financial collapse. This program works not only to help calculate your home budget but also uses the data you enter to cross check your personal expenses and alert you to inaccuracies in your perceived personal home budget. As a debt attorney, I found one of the most common reasons behind people falling into financial problems stemmed from not accurately knowing where they budget and spent their money. Even for those of you without money problems, understanding the truth about your personal budget finances can help save even more money for college or retirement. For help determining how to deal with your own personal financial or budget problems visit fix-debt.com. For help understanding debt read the materials at debtworkout.com.
You are invited to use it as a budgeting tool or as a means to get a handle on your expenses. Any questions,comments, or suggestions concerning this Web Page will be appreciated. Send them via EMail to
Author: Jim Hurley

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     In an area which requires a dollar amount, please enter "4000" instead of $4,000.00, "100000" instead of "$100,000.00" (no dollar sign, comma or period).

Monthly Income & Money Inflow

Choose a recent month to work with where you have all of your bank and credit card statements. For the month you are working with enter the following:

Checking Accounts: If you use more than one combine balances
Beginning Bank Balance 
Ending Bank Balance 
Total Deposits 
Projected Expenses 

Now type in your Income Information

Net Income from Employment 
Credit Card Cash Advances 
Cash gifts from Friends or Relatives 
Cash/Loans from Friends, Relatives or Banks 
Total Unsecured Debt 

Monthly Expenses & Money Outflow

Mortgage principal and interest only or Rent if Renter (taxes and insurance go elsewhere) 
Homeowner's insurance 
Real estate property taxes 
Heating costs 
Water and sewer charges 
Natural gas and propane 
Main grocery purchases 
Automobile payments 
Automobile insurances 
Sub Total Expenses 
Other house expenses 
Furniture purchase, replacement 
Home maintenance 
Lunches and work- and school-related meals 
Snacks, coffee, donuts and other "fast food" 
Milk, cookie and crackers and other convenience store purchases  
Freezer plans 
Other food, pet food 
Children's clothing, sneakers, school wardrobe, ect. 
Adults clothing 
Work clothes 
Education (home schooling) or private tuition, adult education, continuing education 
Childcare, daycare 
Cablevision, Satellite Service 
Net Access 
Movie rentals 
Movies, at theaters 
Meals at restaurants 
Other Entertainment 
Cigarettes, cigars, beer, wine, liquor 
Lottery tickets and similar 
Casino, horse racing and other gambling expenses 
Vacation flights 
Vacation hotels, motels 
Vacation admission tickets, food, cigarettes, drinks, etc. 
Weekend or day trips 
Birthdays and holidays 
Personal hygiene, hair cuts 
Sports participation fees 
Sports, program tickets, equipment, health club memberships 
Oil and lube, routine maintenance 
Yearly Major Repairs / 12 
Business travel, flights, hotels, non-reimbursed meals 
Medical or dental health insurance 
Prescription medications 
Non-prescription meds 
Non-insured trips to chiropractors, therapists, masseuses 
Life insurances 
Disability insurance 
Money for Savings 
Money for Retirement 
Total of monthly credit card payments 
Describe other living expenses 
Other, 2 description 
Other, 3 description 
Other, 4 description 
Federal taxes, monthly 
State taxes, monthly 

To Calculate (Or ReCalculate) Your Total Expenses:   

Scroll down to view the analysis of your budget.

If you need to start again:   To Zero out all the numbers

To Calculate The Difference between your Expenses and Income!


Help your finances with a refinance to lower your budget for mortgage expense.

Analysis Of Your Budget:

calculator Interest Savings Calculator calculator

calculator Mortgage Calculator calculator

calculator Retirement Calculator calculator


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