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Do you need to rebuild your credit because of previous problems or bankruptcy?This web site features lenders and credit card originators who issue credit cards to people with bad credit, no credit, or previous foreclosure or bankruptcy history on their credit report.Some credit cards available on this site are unsecured while others are secured credit cards linked to a savings account.I have tried to find credit cards with low or no sign up fee and low or no annual fee.Credit cards available on this web page are genneraly Visa or Mastercard credit cards.Scroll down to find the banks or credit card issuers who will help customers with credit problems obtain a Visa or Mastercard credit card.

A WWW site dedicated to helping debtors and others with credit problems to obtain either a secured or unsecured credit card for the purpose of re-establishing good credit. For a menu of credit card offers and application forms for good credit and specialty credit cards click here.
From Mory Brenner, Esq., author and editor of:

Bankruptcy Alternatives / Debtor's Options
FAQs examining the debt itself, personal issues and many resolution options including workouts, payment and bankruptcy.
Debtor Links
Sites for debtors on bankruptcy (including my own Chapter 13 FAQ), federal exemptions, state exemptions, workouts, credit counseling, IRS, credit rebuilding, and more! US, UK and Canada. 

Alternative Mortgage Sources USA
Links to residential lenders and mortgage brokers throughout the United States offering loans to borrowers with credit problems, bankruptcy or foreclosures on their credit report. Apply On-Line service available.

Alternative Finance Sources USA -Car Loans
Links to lenders and finance companies throughout the United States offering refinancing, new or used car loans to borrowers with credit problems, bankruptcy or foreclosures on their credit report. Includes a nationwide used car search engine.

If you presently have trouble with credit card debt, please do not use this site to find another credit card to help make payments on existing credit card debt. If you need help with debt visit either Bankruptcy Alternatives, Fix-Debt or Debtor Links. I intended this site to help those who solved debt problems to re-establish good credit by obtaining and responsibly using a new credit card.

I have tried to screen these sites to weed out scams and warn you about cards with large upfront fees. If anyone has any trouble with these cards please let me know. For more help on credit card options for those with bad credit read this informational article.

Standard Unsecured Credit Cards

Orchard Bank MasterCard
From the same company as Household Finance. A good program for people with past trouble trying to rebuild credit.

Secured Credit Cards

New Millennium
Reports to all credit agencies. Use at ATMs nationwide. Travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, extended warranty protection. No credit check at all!

Orchard Bank MasterCard
From the same company as Household Finance. A good program for people with past trouble trying to rebuild credit.

Bank of America

Secured Credit Card Lists
These sites contain lists of names, addresses, rates and other information to compare secured cards. Most have good information but no links to the secured card issuers.

Bank No Links

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