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Alternative Mortgage Sources USA aims to list every lender and mortgage broker in the USA offering loans to individuals with B-D credit. To this end, any firm meeting the aforementioned criteria with a valid URL may have their name listed once under the appropriate state heading or national category free of charge.

Expanded listings include a 50 word description, name in all caps, and placement near the top of the category, for an example see the New Jersey listings. A small logo, .gif or .jpg file may be added to an expanded listing. Banners my be placed on their own or in conjunction with an expanded listing. Firms regularly referring clients to Attorney Brenner or American Mortgage Debt Resolution, Inc. or participating in our national mortgage referral network or subscribing to our 1003 On-line application form service may be eligible to receive these upgrades free of charge. 
The order of the lists in the directory are primarily based on the order in which I discovered links or had them submited to me. To move up in the list without taking advantage of the programs listed above companies may send an occasional referral, insert a link to one of my pages on their site or take part in an affiliate program such as:

Listing Charges

Type of Listing Monthly National Yearly National Monthly 1 State Yearly 1 State
One Name Only Free Free Free Free
Expanded  $50 $500 $20 $200
Expanded with logo $100 $1000 $40 $400
Banner - alone $150 $1500 $60 $600
Banner - Plus expanded $200 $2000 $80 $800

Paid listings for each additional state are 75% of the regular price. If mixing listings the higher priced listing shall be the full price listing. To sign up for an expanded listing or banner e-mail me your company name, state(s) and 50 word description ( If you need me to write your copy, that's OK too.) or HTML code as appropriate. Mail payments via USPS to Mory Brenner Esq. at 150 North Street, Suite 40, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Listings will updated within 48 hours of receipt. LIST ME NOW! 

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National Referral Network American Mortgage Debt Resolution, Inc. in conjunction with the Alternative Mortgage Sources USA Mortgage Directory has established a system for brokers to receive leads from other lenders or brokers who can not work service certain clients.  A broker or lender may refer the lead into the network rather than pursue the client themselves for a variety of reasons including leads from outside of their approved geographical lending area, a client below the credit grade a firm works with, a potential loan beyond the LTV available to the borrower or a number of other reasons. Submitting or receiving referrals from the network couldn't be easier.  Brokers or lenders send email leads into the network where the leads automatically forward to someone who can help the customer. Network members only need a valid email address to participate, computers do the rest. Becoming a member of the network costs nothing, fees for participation coincide with activity and can be completely offset.
1003 On-line Application Form and Web Site Service
If you have ever dreamed of leads coming to you from the Internet in the form of filled out pre-screened 1003 applications-your dream has come true! Through software designed by American Mortgage Debt Resolution, Inc. Internet clients enter data on-line, computers input the data onto a 1003 which arrives in your office via fax.  Not only does this save an originator's time but any applicant willing to fill out that much information usually ends up be a much more serious candidate than someone just requesting a rate or general information.
Before being sent out all 1003s go through an initial review by our own personel to weed out borrowers with unrealistic expectations. 1003 applications may come from several sources.  Forms generated directly from the Alternative Mortgage Sources USA site forward to the lender or broker in the network designated for that state.  Applications only go to one lender unless they can not make the loan in question.  Becoming the designated broker for a state costs nothing, remaining the designated lender depends on participation by providing other leads to the network and closing loans sent from the network. Lenders or brokers who have their own site may arrange to have a link for a 1003 mortgage application we can put on the Internet just for them at no charge.  Borrowers fill out forms and we forward via fax a 1003 just as outlined above, except all applications go to you regardless of your other participation in the network. Brokers or lenders without a web site recieve the biggest free-bee of all.  We will design a web site, put it on the net, house it and maintain it - all for FREE. No cost, no risk, no design fees, no monthly fees. When participating in any form of these services you pay only for 1003 applications generated and even those costs may be offset.

Network Fees

Lead Type or Activity Fee
Email or other name/phone only leads $2.50/lead
1003 Applications generated by Alternative Mortgage Sources site $18/application
1003 Applications generated by a site we designed $18/application
1003 Applications prepared by another network member $18/application
1003 Applications generated by your own site with our forms $12/application
Bonus on closed loans from leads-total points, 1.49 or less 1/4 of one point
Bonus on closed loans from leads-total points, 1.5 points to 2.99 points 3/8 of one point
Bonus on closed loans from leads-total points, 3 or more 1/2 of one point

Offsets to Fees All fees charged for participation in the Network may be completely offset resulting in all of the aforementioned services being FREE.  Referrals into the system provide these credits.  Most referrals fall into one of two categories.  Either the lead may be a potential mortgage customer for another lender, or the lead can not be funded at all because of LTV, other credit issues or foreclosure. Mortgage leads may be forwarded as simple email or full 1003 applications and will go to another lender.  Un-fundable borrowers cases go for review at American Mortgage Debt Resolution, Inc. where they will attempt to solve the debtor's problems and return them to the lead source if a loan becomes possible.  These leads may be made as simple email or the originator may work with the client to fill out the information needed for the American Mortgage Debt Resolution, Inc. client intake form.  American Mortgage Debt Resolution, Inc. will request and evaluation fee from the client which will be used as a credit toward a number of services which may help resolve their debt issues.  The result being their evaluation costs nothing in they proceed with a course of action to deal with their debt. Clients may contract directly with American Mortgage Debt Resolution for some of these services.  When a client signs up for an evaluation or a debt mitigation bonus offsets go to the lead source.

Offset Table

Lead Type Offset to Fees
Email or other name/phone/email only leads $2.50
Completed 1003 applications $18
Completed AMDRI intake sheet $15
AMDRI Evaluation sign up bonus - email leads $10
AMDRI Evaluation sign up bonus - broker intakes $50
AMDRI Mitigation sign up bonus - email leads $30
AMDRI Mitigation sign up bonus - broker intakes option 1 $150
AMDRI Mitigation sign up bonus - broker intakes option 2 $50 cash

All bonus offsets are in addition to other offsets, only one bonus per client.

If you are interested in learning more about these services or signing up please email me or call at 1-800-351-3301
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