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Car and Truck Loans
Have bad credit, no credit, past bankruptcy or old foreclosure on your credit report?This page will help you find a used car loan, truck financing, or other auto lendingeven if you have bad credit, no credit, slow credit, bruised credit, bankruptcy or foreclosure on your credit report.These auto loans and truck loans are available to borrowers in all 50 states.Don't think you can't borrow money to buy a car, truck, or purchase any other motor vehicle because or your credit.Scroll down to find the lenders and finance companies who can help you find the auto loan you need regardless of your past credit, and get that new car today. 

A WWW site dedicated to helping debtors and others with credit problems to find motor vehicle loans. From Mory Brenner, Esq., author and editor of: 
Bankruptcy Alternatives / Debtor's Options
FAQs examining the debt itself, personal issues and many resolution options including workouts, payment and bankruptcy. 
Debtor Links
Sites for debtors on bankruptcy, workouts, credit counseling, IRS, credit rebuilding, and more! US, UK and Canada. 
Alternative Mortgage Sources USA
Links to lenders and mortgage brokers throughout the United States offering home loans to individuals with credit problems, bankruptcies or foreclosures. Apply On-Line service available.
Alternative Finance Sources USA -Commercial Lending
Links to lenders and finance companies throughout the United States offering mortgages, refinancing, equipment leasing, or other loans to commercial borrowers with credit problems, bankruptcy or foreclosures on their credit report.

Alternative Finance Sources USA -Credit Cards
Links to lenders and credit card companies granting credit cards to those with credit trouble, bankruptcy or foreclosures on their credit report. Debtors-Please use this page to help rebuild your credit or consolidate problems, not incur more debt!

        Settle credit card debt    Bad credit car loans for purchase or refinance.    
Basic loan calculator to calculate auto loan payments and online credit report link Auto or Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator      Apply for a mortgage online now.  Good or bad credit welcome
Online Credit Report Link

Click here for an informational article about options available to car buyers with bad credit.

Multi-State and National Auto Lenders
Our simple qualification form takes just minutes to fill out -- and the information you provide will be immediately sent to multiple lenders across the country. Within two business days, you'll begin receiving real loan offers from the lenders themselves -- not "leads" or phony come-ons.  Auto Loan Page
Car.Com Auto Finance Service 
Connect with a network of over 1500 car dealers with special programs for borrowers with every type of credit. Hear from a car dealer ready to work with you now.

  Click Here for Your next auto loan
Find auto dealers near you ready to both sell you a car and arrange for financing even with bad credit.

Good or Bad Credit New or Pre-owned Auto Loans Purchase or Refinance Receive multiple offers from reputable online lenders. Apply today - Shop tomorrow.

A broad service to help with car loan, auto insurance and other needs for both your auto and home.

Car.Com Auto Loan Help
Auto Net Financial

Single State Auto Lenders

Inofin (CT, GA, FL, MA, ME, NH, SC only) 

Other Auto Links

An informative website with where you can search for your next car based on what you want.

Used car search engine - Huge data base of used vehicles nationwide. Search by make, model, state, region, area code, keywords, or a combination. Place car classified ads free on-line. - Transfer your car lease OR Get a Short Term lease.

Cars Everything - The name says it well, Buying tips, insurance, driving games and more.

Tire Ratings and Tire Reviews

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